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Bumped by the US Downgrade
Yellow Jerseys
Silver & Gold, Silver & Gold
Let Yourself Feel Good Again
Steve Jobs Asking the Real Questions


The Year in Review
Thanksgiving Pie
Chain Gangs & Pipe Dreams
Bullish Sea Change in a Land of Little Victories
Medicine for a New Normal
Caribbean Blue
Bed Pans and Bunk Beds
Burgers, Parades & Baseball Games
Chocolate & The Mathematics of Loss
Changing Seasons
Fun with Charts
Easy Money


Shifting Gears
Painting the House
Sitting on My Porch
Look Forward & Smile
All Aboard!
Technical, Practical, Theoretical; Observations on Bonds and Inflation
Bear Market Bubbles
Answering Your Questions
The Road to Recovery
Valleys, Foothills and New Mountains
Something for Nothing, Free Lunches and Fool’s Gold
Caressing and Stressing, Shopping and Rebalancing
Black Holes and Red Giants
A January Dud, Bad Banks and Earnings Insights
Revisiting Lows


Looking Back at 2008
Mortgage Rates, A Treasury Bubble and Oil’s Comeuppance
Unemployment, The Consumer and the Faith of Ancients
Valuations and Extremes
Finish the Race
True Value and the Great I Am
Weighing In
A New Bailout Plan?
What Happened Today
Buy the Bleeding: Time to Revisit Energy and Industrials
Uncertainty and the Birth of the Black Swan
Slow Days, Olympic-Sized Hangovers and Russia
Finding Michael Phelps
Oil, Earnings and When to Sell
Ugly Days, Springboards, and Silver Linings
Fulcrums and Flashpoints
Falling from Grace, Job Loss, and War
CNBC Appearance: Commoditities Debate
Bubbles, Barron’s & Broadleaf
Storms, Steroids and Sunnier Skies
Wow, Bear Markets, and the Craziness of Datapoint Trading


A Reader Asks…
Naughty & Nice
Engine & Brakes
Happy Halloween
Looking Past the Fed and Towards 2008
Black Boxed
Go Granola
A Narrower Market
Hold in May and Go Away
Obessing the Point
Opening Day Second Quarter
Weighing in on Subprime Lending
We Hold These Truths to Be Self Evident
On Warts and Princes…
Cisco System’s Why You Should Care
Good Times for Growth Stocks