Looking Back, Looking Forward

At the end of each year, we like to look back on the year that was and consider what we got right with our Investment Playbook, what we got wrong, and what we might have learned in the process.  We then turn our attention to the year to come, hoping that by putting our thoughts […]

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Second Quarter 2016 Commentary and Performance

The markets continued to recover from their first quarter lows, but there is no doubt that it has not been easy going with last week’s Brexit decision the most recent speedbump in a sideways market now over eighteen months in duration. For further information on the second quarter and our investment outlook, please view a […]

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Our Take on the Fed Minutes

I hate to blow up everyone’s inbox with a second Economic Update in just over a week, but I guess I just did.  Usually, I don’t have anything intelligent to say more than once every month or so and since I’m not a journalist, I’m never forced to make stuff up just to sell papers. […]

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Driving with the Doors Off, Part II

About ten months ago, I wrote about my new bulldozer-yellow Jeep Wrangler, comparing the sensation of Driving with the Doors Off to investing in the New Normal, or as I like to call it, a “slow growth for as far as the eyes can see” environment.  While the pavement had always been a mere twelve […]

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This is fascinating!

Provided below is a chart we found extremely interesting.  It is a breakdown of inflation since 2000 in terms of the eight main components used to calculate the Consumer Price Index every month.  Some of the growth in energy can obviously be attributed to growth in the emerging markets of the world over the last […]

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Nothing Changed

Many events have transpired since our mid-September update, but not much has really changed.  Economic growth should remain slow for as far as the eyes can see, as each region of the world struggles with its own version of the New Normal.  Capitalistic animal spirits have gone the way of the modern American male and […]

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All In

Dissatisfied with progress on the jobs front, the Fed went “all in” yesterday in its much anticipated, most recent policy announcement.  Unlike QE1, QE2 and Operation Twist, the latest addition to the monetary smorgasbord is open-ended, meaning that it has no pre-established termination date. (View a printable version of this Economic Update: All In). Policy, we […]

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