Third Quarter 2013 Commentary & Performance

The Broadleaf Growth Equity Portfolio (BGEP) enjoyed a very strong third quarter in absolute and relative terms, enabling it to catch up and surpass the S&P 500’s returns on a year to date basis after lagging for the first half of the year.   While no single quarter establishes a trend, the results are a clear […]

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Fourth Quarter 2012 Performance Review

The stock market treaded water during the fourth quarter, awaiting final resolution of the Fiscal Cliff.  On that front, there was some positive midnight news on the final day of the year as Congress struck a deal on revenues (taxes), but predictably punted the question over spending to another day.  That day will likely prove […]

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Nothing Changed

Many events have transpired since our mid-September update, but not much has really changed.  Economic growth should remain slow for as far as the eyes can see, as each region of the world struggles with its own version of the New Normal.  Capitalistic animal spirits have gone the way of the modern American male and […]

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All In

Dissatisfied with progress on the jobs front, the Fed went “all in” yesterday in its much anticipated, most recent policy announcement.  Unlike QE1, QE2 and Operation Twist, the latest addition to the monetary smorgasbord is open-ended, meaning that it has no pre-established termination date. (View a printable version of this Economic Update: All In). Policy, we […]

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Plain Vanilla

Last Thursday evening, JP Morgan announced it lost at least $2 billion on trades related to “egregious” errors on its “synthetic” investments.  The complex products that were meant to protect the bank instead blew up in their face.  Perhaps if JP Morgan stuck to the business of making better loans, it wouldn’t be so enamored […]

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