I thought our readers would like to know that Doug is out of the office today “celebrating” his 40th birthday.  How’s that for a Christmas present?  I think I’d rather get coal (especially given where coal stocks are trading these days).

At first I didn’t think much of Doug getting older but as I look back on the last week the signs are obvious.  The complaining about being out of shape and subsequent decree that he HAS to start running again.  Not being able to use new gadgets – he bought a new blackberry a few weeks ago and even after numerous hours on the phone with tech support still claims he is receiving weird messages and thinks his emails aren’t being sent.  I’m fearful of what’s to come in 2008!

I am currently accepting all smart-alec comments and snide remarks relating to Doug turning 40 as well as any advice on what to expect next from an over-the-hill colleague.  Please send condolences directly to Doug.

Happy 40th Doug!