If you’re a middle aged credit manager working for Home Depot, what might be your next career?  How about touring as the new lead singer of classic rock group Boston?  While it may seem a bit far-fetched, that’s exactly what happened to 43 year old Tommy DeCarlo when members of Boston saw his YouTube video clip.  In fact, don’t laugh, but this could be a new trend.  At the end of last year, Journey found their new singer on YouTube as well. 

Certainly, this economy has its share of issues and problems.  From high oil prices and foreclosures to near banking failures, things are pretty tough out there.  

But in a slow growth economy, look for true innovators to pay uncommon dividends.  While Google has yet to figure out how to monetize YouTube, there is no question that it is of immense value to not only the company but to legions of classic rock bands and their millions of fans around the globe.  While there are those who will tell you that the technology sector’s best days are behind us, things couldn’t be further from the truth.  A new cycle is now upon us.   

It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention.  Problems like high priced gas and low priced housing force us to find savings in new ways.  When we are in the most trouble, we are ironically and invariably at our very best as a nation.  Laziness is not an option.  (See today’s Segway example.)      

While there are those who will tell you that the end is nigh, I have More Than a Feeling that things will work out just fine.    

You just have to know where to look.  Join me to learn more on CNBC, Monday, June 23rd, at 9:30am.