Perhaps because of Tiger’s outstanding victory under pain earlier in the week, both the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times have published fascinating articles in recent days on who might be considered the World’s Greatest Athlete

According to the Wall Street Journal’s hired sports experts, #1 would be Roman Sebrle, a Czech decathlete, followed by LeBron James, and then Floyd Mayweather, a welterweight boxer.  Everyone has their own favorites and reasons for arriving at them, based on a quick survey of the chat boards at both papers.  One reader says swimmer Michael Phelps would win hands down while another says it should be Tiger, LeBron and Lance for how they have elevated their chosen sports to another level.

Sports, it seems to me, have sprouted from a desire to have fun, compete, and win the attention of others.  In its earliest days, athletic ability may have determined what you would be eating for your next meal, how much your enemies feared you, and your success in winning the attentions of a hoped for paramour.  Achilles of Troy would be the ideal.    

So I say, send all of your favorite candidates into an African Safari and see who has the most success in finding and then bringing down their next meal.  Heck, hunting can even be a team sport if you’re going after mastadons.

But what do I know.  At 40 years of age, I would still be the smallest guy on the local highschool football team by a long shot.  

What do you think?  (C’mon, it is Friday, so have some fun.)