American Baseball.  On Friday, my family and I will be heading to Cooperstown, New York, where my twelve year old son Pete and the Hudson Hurricanes will spend the week playing baseball with some 150 other teams from around the country.   Baseball is a sport I have come to love, not necessarily for the game itself, but because it has offered some cherished moments to bond with my young boy as he hurls ever more rapidly towards early adulthood.   For those that have never been, I would highly recommend the Baseball Hall of Fame as a summer driving destination. 

American Oil.   On a completely different note, I read today that the United States has the largest store of untapped oil reserves in the world, 2.3 million barrels or so.  While it largely lies under federally protected areas and in hard to get places, it strikes me that our citizens and politicians are being a tad bit disingenuous when we complain that nations like Saudi Arabia should be drilling more.   While I am all for a clean environment and national wildlife parks, I guess we shouldn’t forget that such luxuries have a cost or for that matter, that we should be the only ones with a right to them.  The Saudi’s could probably use some national parks.

Things will likely be a bit more quiet on our blog while I’m on vacation.  Jeff will be here though, if you need him.