The market was trounced today and the action was odd.  The S&P 500, oil and Research in Motion dominated the headlines as anxiety levels were heightened by price levels that flirted with recent support and resistance levels.    (That’s alotta levels, I know.)

Shortly after the market closed, a hailstorm rained down on Hudson, Ohio and my five year old son was introduced to “frozen rain drops” for the first time.  To make matters weirder, we spotted a baby turkey in our front yard, alone and without its mother.  (I’m not making this up.)

The good news is that my business partner, Jeff Travis, bought a new Vespa yesterday, doing his part to single handedly destroy the demand for oil.  (His daily commute to the office is 800 yards.)  Unfortunately, he got a little carried away this morning making the jump to the office and his new toy is now in the shop.  He really thought he could make it. 

Nice goin’, Jeff.  See you after vaca…