Today’s entry is actually a link to my pastor’s blog, Joe Coffey of Hudson Community Chapel.  Joe has been given the gift of communication and has proven to be a good steward of that gift time and time again.  

Today, he reminds me that Time is Sneaky

Next week, another summer will draw to a close and my children will catch the school bus to next year.  I’ll be ready with my video camera to catch the moment, as I have done since kindergarten.   

Which reminds me.  It’s actually been a year now since we first launched our blog and three since we started Broadleaf Partners, LLC.  

Now, 140 entries later, I can say I am no longer a rookie when it comes to the blog thing.   I have enjoyed the process of chronicling our investment related thoughts and would continue to do so, even if no one read it.  The blog has been a great way to think through and organize our thoughts and hopefully, at the end of the day, improve our clients’ investment returns.  

Having said that, I hope you’ve gleaned something from our efforts of the past year.  If you’ve ever thought about blogging, I’d highly recommend it, especially if you enjoy writing.   As always, let me know if there is something that you’re interested in hearing more about and I’ll try to address it in a future entry.