Pepper & Salt, The Wall Street Journal 4/11/09

As we move into springtime, Wall Street has been using the term “green shoots” a great deal to describe signs of potential new life in the economy.  The bears of course are warning against a dangerous late term frost that will likely kill these delicate “green shoots” as quickly as they’ve emerged.   (Perhaps the bears should stay in hibernation for awhile; they’ve certainly had their fill!)

Frankly, I think it’s nice to hear Wall Street using words that we can all understand for a change.  Perhaps the events of the past year have made some in this business just a little more human, a little more soft, a little more comfortable being vulnerable in the eyes of the rest of the world.  Personally, I think that’s a good thing.

Green shoots or not, this is the season of new life.  Faint red buds are forming on the tree just outside my window and the grass is greener on the town square than it was just one week ago.  The sounds of new bird chirps are in the air, proclaiming the impending death of winter. 

Humans the world over are taking Passover meals in remembrance of God’s protection and deliverance from the bonds of harsh and evil slavery.  Easter is being celebrated by others, in remembrance of the death and resurrection of God Himself, who cleared a path for those eager to lay their pasts to rest and be reborn.

I don’t know whether today’s green shoots will survive the coming months, but I do know that through weakness, we are made strong. 

Strength is a matter of perspective.  

Rejoice and be glad!

May God bless you this season.