Oct13, 2022

Doug MacKay on CNBC Asia | Upgrades & Downgrades 10.12.22

Last night, while many of us were winding down from our busy days, Doug MacKay was sharing his thoughts on the market with the CNBC Asia audience. Broadleaf’s Doug MacKay shared his thoughts on the direction of the market and why the stocks of innovative companies can continue to perform “in spite of it all” […]

Nov14, 2017

CNBC Power Lunch – Still Room to Run 11.14.17

While it may feel like the market is extended, Doug made his case on CNBC today for why there’s still room for stock’s to run. We expect a short-term pullback: Biltmore Capital CIO from CNBC.

Aug15, 2017

CNBC Power Lunch – Kayaking with the Current 8.14.17

In spite of the market jitters that showed up last week, the growth trend appears to be intact. Drawing parallels to his newfound interest in kayaking, Doug explains why sometimes it’s best to let the current do its work. Investors will be happier if they approach the market like this: Analyst from CNBC.

Feb09, 2017

CNBC Power Lunch – Tech on a Tear 2.8.17

The Nasdaq market continues to post new highs, but what types of technology companies are poised to push it higher? Will it be value-tech of growth-tech? Are you wondering what the difference is?

Jul12, 2016

CNBC Power Lunch – Buy the Tech Rally? 7.11.16

In a market starved for growth, which types of companies within the tech sector represent the best long-term investments? CNBC reached out to Broadleaf Partners CIO, Doug MacKay, to find out.