About Broadleaf

Broadleaf Partners, LLC is a growth focused investment management firm serving the needs of foundations and endowments, retirement plans and high net worth individuals.

We have two simple objectives:

  1. To outperform the S&P 500 over a full market cycle on a net of fees basis, following our disciplined and dynamic portfolio management process.
  2. To seek a better understanding of the economy, the market and investing in general, and to educate our clients along the way.

Value Statement

Broadleaf Partners is a research-driven investment management boutique.  By industry standards, we’re a small firm. While many investment management firms focus on growing their assets under management by expanding their client base, we focus on delivering superior investment results to our current clients.

We measure the success of our business by the investment performance of our portfolios, not by the industry standard metric of assets under management. Our current clients come first, and benefit from our smaller size because we operate nimbly, make portfolio adjustments seamlessly and are free of the friction and “group-think” that pervade large investment management firms.

Why Broadleaf?

An Enduring Investment Philosophy
Demonstrated Performance Results
Excellent Communication
Independently Owned and Operated
Current Clients Come First

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