Institutional Investors

As a member of the institutional investment community, your job is an important one. While choosing where to invest the assets of your foundation, endowment or employee retirement plan isn’t your full time job or mission, choosing the right investments can play an instrumental role in your long term success.  Unlike an individual investor, you must balance the desires and preferences of varied stakeholders and then choose among the best alternatives, some of which aren’t always ideal.

At Broadleaf, our expertise lies in finding the best long term growth opportunities for your investment portfolio, freeing you to focus your attention on your core mission, knowing that your long term capital needs are in excellent hands.  Like you, we take our mission seriously and make decisions based on a solid strategic foundation and by utilizing our proven investment process.

Locally owned and operated, our ties to Northeast Ohio allow us to offer national and international market knowledge and experience, but with a homegrown flavor.

Each of our team members calls Northeast Ohio home, and we have been privileged to work with some of the most well-known foundations and endowments in the area. Our performance results showcase our ability to effectively manage assets with the long term in mind, while also addressing short term opportunities and risks.

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