Private Investors

As a high net worth investor, you’ll find that our strategy is both similar to and different from that of the institutional investor.  It’s similar in that we base our investment decisions on a strong foundation and a proven investment process, yet different because as an individual we’re able to deal exclusively with your unique investment goals and objectives.

Once we’ve evaluated your assets and become familiar with your financial goals, we are able to determine which of our investment products is best suited for you.   If your primary concern is long term growth, our Broadleaf Growth Equity Portfolio (BGEP) may be a good fit for you.  On the other hand, one of the three Broadleaf Strategic Investment Portfolios (STRIPS) may be more appropriate if your main focus is on preserving capital, generating income, or managing risk.

Contact us to discover which option is best for you and your unique situation.

Our Investment Process

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